Planetary Embodiment:
Cooking With Words for Systemic Change and Solidarity


Planetary Embodiment (2021-2023) is a seminar and transdisciplinary artistic practice coordinated by Luïza Luz at the Berlin University of Arts as part of Studium Generale. Engaging with ‘The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action,’ as suggested by Audre Lorde, we envisioned this book with the intention of researching the power of words in breaking silences and cultivating awareness of intersectional environmentalism. The content was developed through workshops and guest lectures in collaboration with Andrea Galano Toro, gal sherizly, Denilson Baniwa, participants, and friends. In reciprocity for the causes we are addressing, the profits from this book will be directed toward initiatives supporting Indigenous, land, human, and more-than human rights.

UdK-Verlag, 2023
73 pages, Riso printed by "We Make It"
20 × 28 cm

This book was realized with the support of KKWV - Kommission für Künstlerische und Wissenschaftliche Vorhaben.