T(t)ERRA: Artistic Pedagogical Approaches
for the Cultivation of Ecological Cultures

How has the relationship between human beings and natural ecosystems been transformed over the centuries? What are the implications of these processes and how do they influence language, perception, interactions, and ecosystems? The book T(t)ERRA* is an invitation to go deeper into these questions through texts, images, and practical proposals that promote a transpersonal worldview between humans, more-than-humans, and postnatural ecosystems. The book was composed as part of the research paper for the Bachelor program in Visual Arts, oriented by Felipe Chaimovich, Professor, Philosopher, and Curator.

*T(t)ERRA is a nomenclature proposed by the artist to intersect the dimensions of Planet Earth, with soil practices. In the Portuguese language, the word referring to Planet Earth is written with uppercase Terra, and soil, with lowercase terra = T(t)ERRA.

T(t)ERRA, 2016-2017
1st Edition, 109 pages
Suzano Offset Paper 90 g/m2
24 x 18 cm