From São Paulo, Brasil - Based in Berlin, Germany

Luïza Luz (they/them) is a transdisciplinary artist, researcher-educator, singer-composer, and writer. With a focus on intersectional environmentalism and emancipatory pedagogies, Luïza has been researching and practicing in these fields for several years. Their work has been exhibitied and activated in cultural and educational institutions world-wide.
Luïza is the founder of the seminar "Planetary Embodiment," which they taught for five semesters at the Berlin University of the Arts. This seminar, both theoretical and practical, culminated each semester in collective and public projects, such as exhibitions. In 2023, the seminar led to the publication of "Planetary Embodiment: Cooking With Words for Systemic Change and Solidarity". Additionally, Luïza has taught as a guest professor at various universities, including the Dirty Art Department of the Sandberg Institute, among others.

Photos: Oumou Aidara
They completed a master's degree at the Art in Context Institute at UdK, Berlin, Germany, and a licentiate degree in Visual Arts and Social Communication at FAAP, São Paulo, Brazil. Additionally, they have pursued non-academic education in the fields of ecologies, somatic practices and design for regenerative cultures, studying with Ailton Krenak and Fritjof Capra.