Ruins as Transforming Power

How to imagine a new world from its death point? If you take time to observe how living ecosystems evolve, you'll notice the cycles of regenerative patterns. In natural ecosystems, debris becomes food to nurture other species. There's no such thing as garbage. Impermanence, transformation, and regeneration are the basic guidelines of life, death, and rebirth on Planet Earth. Even so, our urban ecosystems and language were built against these living platforms. Things were made with the purpose to last, and destroy life.

Whatever we build is full of meaning, and these meanings shape our lives, perception and interactions. The way we make assumptions and important decisions. If we observe things from a living system’s perspective, we'll find out the importance of rethinking our patterns of interaction and collective agreements from time to time. Our ruins are an evidence that things can and must be transformed, reinvented, and reshaped to better support the ever changing processes of life.

SÃO PAULO, BRASIL, 2014 - 2017

Photos: Pedro Geraldo