luïza luz
From São Paulo, Brasil - Lives in Berlin, Germany

Transdisciplinary artist, researcher, and avant-pop musician born in brasil. In their work, luz engages with processes of decay, magic and transformation in knowledge production, and natureculture narratives. They have a special interest in written and vocal words – that then become images, lectures, sound performances, installations, and collaborative ecosystems. Besides being a master's student at the art in context institut at the university of arts of berlin, luz teaches the seminar "Planetary Embodiment” for students and non-students, and integrates a broader movement towards structural change by rooting the climate and humanitarian crises in colonial history.

The presence of soil, and seeds as materiality and living entities, have been present in this practice, which they now combine with technological devices. In the last two years, music became a very important medium for the broader communication of this research, in which critical sustainability and decolonial timelines are the central axes.

luïza luz graduated in Visual Arts (2017) and studied with Indigenous authors such as Ailton Krenak and were awarded a scholarship by the Ecologist Fritjof Capra. In 2017 they published the book “T(t)ERRA: Artistic Pedagogical Approaches for The Cultivation of Ecological Cultures”. In 2021 they integrated the first Wanwu Council 萬物社 initiated by the artist Zheng Bo at Gropius Bau, Berlin, and won the Junge Akademie award from Akademie der Künste for their project "Privilege of Dreaming".

In 2022, luïza luz visited the Academy of Fine Arts of Zagreb as guest professor, performed at Documenta15, Lios Labs, Vorspiel of CTM/Transmediale Festivals, among others. Their audiovisual performance "After Nature Soundscape" (2020-2022), a collaboration with artist Vi Amoras, was presented at the group show "Creative Code Art", held in New York, at Lightbox Gallery, and at "UUU - Unbounded, Unleashed, Unforgiving - Reconsidering Cyberfeminism in 2021", held at New Art City, and at the Kommunale Galerie, Berlin. In 2021 they also presented the sound performance "A Grounding Piece of Land" at the Floating University.

"We - all of us on Terra - live in disturbing times. The task is to become capable, with each other in all of our bumptious kinds, of response".



contact: l.luizaluz@gmail.com